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Welcome to my site! My name is Amy Writer on May 25th, 2003 my life was forever changed. I had weight loss surgery, the procedure was the Gastric Bypass (open RNY). I was 625 pounds at my highest weight and home bound for nearly 3 years, it has saved me from wasting away behind four walls. I could only walk about 5 feet and had to sit down. I had to use a wheelchair to go long distances.

It’s with the help of this surgery I’ve lost over 400 pounds!! I can now walk again. You might know me from being on MTV’s True Life “I’m Obese” back during the summer of 2003. Since the show so much in my life has changes and I owe that to the help of my wonderful surgeon Dr. Martindale. Weight loss surgery is not an “easy way out” or “quick fix”. It takes just as much effort as any other means to lose weight. It’s only a tool to assist your weight loss and not the magic pill to end your emotional attachments to food. This surgery is not for everyone. The most important thing to keep in mind is this is a permanent choice and lifestyle. You have to be ready to change your eating habits and stick with them. You have to understand what you were doing wrong and fix those issues. YOU have to relearn how to eat, what to eat and learn what portion control means. The surgery opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong and helped me see what I need to change to make the weight stay off and to be successful. Visit my BLOG for my most recent updates. I designed my site to help educate people about weight loss surgery and about the other condition that I have: Lymphedema. I recently completed my associates degree in Medical Office Management with Kaplan University.
I graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude.
Currently, my husband and I own our own company Writer Specialty Hauling.
We travel all over the US delivering freight for various companies.

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